Mindy Weeks

Who I am and what I do:
Mindy Weeks, Vocal Music Teacher

Why I love to work at St. Agnes School:
The students are always so eager to learn; and the staff and students are just wonderful to be around! It’s like having a second family!

What subject I most enjoy teaching and why:
I love teaching music because there are so many ways to teach it; there are so many things to share from all around the world.

What I do when I am not at school: 
I sing and play flute for my church choir, I play in the Webster Village Band, I teach private instrumental lessons and I work part-time at Barnes and Noble.

Other things I love:
Band:  Bon Jovi (since the 5th grade!)
Sports:  Buffalo Sabres
Color:  Blue
Food: Pizza and pasta
Author: Stephen King
Movie:  Pride and Prejudice
I love animals especially cats (I have a cat named Louie Armstrong!)

Education Bio:
Associate Applied Sciences in Music from Onondaga Community College,  Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Syracuse University and Master of Sciences in Elementary Education from SUNY Oswego