Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?
Students wear uniforms in Kindergarten through 6thgrade. The boys wear navy blue pants and red polo shirts. The girls have several options including plaid jumpers or skirts, navy blue pants or skorts. The girls wear collared white button down shirts or red or white polo shirts
Where can I purchase uniforms?
Before you purchase a uniform, families can take advantage of our uniform exchange! Every year families donate uniforms their children have outgrown that are still in good condition. For new uniforms, the plaid jumpers and skirts can be purchased at Land’s End. All other items can be found at Walmart, Target, Old Navy and many other local stores.
Does my child need to be Catholic to attend St. Agnes School?
Absolutely not! Children of all beliefs are welcome at St. Agnes School.
Can children with Special Needs receive appropriate services at St. Agnes School?
Yes. Any child that qualifies for Special Education services will be provided all education requirements outlined in their IEP or 504 plan. 
Do you offer Special Area classes?
Students in Preschool through 6th grade have Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library classes. Students have access to Chromebooks and Smart Boards in their classrooms for technology learning.
Is there an entrance exam for St. Agnes School?
No. Students entering Kindergarten do participate in a screening simply for teachers to learn more about your child. 
Must children entering 3-year-old Preschool be potty trained?
Does St. Agnes School administer New York State Exams?
St. Agnes School administers NYS Exams each year as an additional means for teachers to measure student growth and comparison data with their public school peers. We DO NOT put pressure on our children nor create a stressful environment during the testing experience. We are data informed, student driven.
Is bus transportation provided?
Students in Grades K-6  may be bused from up to 15 miles from the school (some special circumstances may apply to increase this distance). Some districts that bus include: Rush-Henrietta, Avon, Geneseo, Livonia, York, Caledonia-Mumford, Honeoye Falls Lima, Bloomfield, and Leroy. Some districts will bus PreK4 Full day students (please contact your local district for more information.)
What are the school hours? Is there after-school care provided?
Full Day PreK 4 through 6th grade is 8:00 – 2:00
Half-Day PreK 4 is 8:00 – 11:00
PreK 3 is 8:00-11:00
Students may arrive anytime after 7:40am
After-school care is available every day until 6:00 for Grades PreK4 full day students through 6th grade.
How do I learn more about St. Agnes School?
You can call the school at (585) 226-8500 for additional information and to schedule a tour.