Kris Sigwald

Why I love to work at St. Agnes School?
St. Agnes School is a warm and friendly Catholic School.  Faculty and staff work well together.  Students are kids that know how to behave and like to learn! They can joke around and be kids but also get serious when lessons are presented. They want to do well.

What I love to teach?
My favorite subjects to teach are Math and Science. These subjects go hand in hand together. It is fulfilling to see students complete a STEM activity.

What I do when I am not at school?
I am an outdoor person. During the summer, I am in the garden. In the winter, I am out walking in the woods.

Other things I love:  
Buffalo Bills!!! I am a big fan!
Love to read – looking for new novels for students to read as well as adult books.
Chocolate is a favorite!

Education Bio:
Elmira College – both Undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. New York State Teacher Certification.